Pictures - 

We enjoy our work, and take pride in the job we do.  We have many pictures showcasing our work, and to let you get an inside look into what we do every day.  Take a look at some of our past projects, and see the equipment we use.  Get to know us through the pictures we have showing who we are, and what we do.

This was our first backhoe - a Case, which Tony bought in 1971.

And, here is our newest addition - a John Deere Loader Backhoe purchased in February 2012.

Our 2 tandem axle gravel trucks with 10 yard boxes.

As well as a semi for larger jobs...

2 Loaders

We also have packing equipment....

Packing Equipment
One of the jobs we worked on was preparing the site for the new car dealership in Minnedosa.

This job required a great deal of work, and everyone was very happy with the end result.

We have a great group of people who work with us, and who aren't afraid to get in the "trenches"!